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To Be a Social Worker Like This: 100s Group, Bablu Gupta

 100's Group : In Selfless Social Service 

Its September 3 2020, 11:30 am. Around 300 people are sitting still on the ground waiting for food. Its raining heavily and hungry stomach desire food more heavily. A smile appears in poor faces when Bablu Gupta & the team appear with lunch. The social workers lay the paper plates, and distributes rice, pulse and vegetable. Despite of heavy rain, feeding program don't stop because hungry stomach desires. After food, Old, Adults and Children thanked the social workers and moved their way. The program is concluded for today, but social activist Gupta and the team rushes whole day for tomorrows lunch. 

Inspired from 100's Group of Mumbai - India, Bablu Gupta and the team initiated social service in Nepal. Named 100's they begun with establishment of Cloth Bank in several streets of Kathmandu. The booth consisted of clothes where any needy people could pick the cloth. People from community started clothes give away campaign. With grand success in the Valley, 100's group spread their helping hand to other cities too. As result, thousands of homeless and needy people could cover their body and keep themselves warm.With grand success of Cloth Bank, 100's group launched Book Bank in Anamnagar, Kathmandu.

In June, 100's group launched program titled "Any Time Meal (ATM)" to feed street dogs and birds. The program was supported by Routine of Nepal Banda, Covid Information Center Nepal and Sneha Care. 

Yadav Lal Karastha, Bablu Gupta and 100's team has also conducted "Save Heritage" campaign. The campaign is successful to restore several watershed (Dhunge Dhara) and Huts (Thalcha). Being aware of importance of heritages, hundreds of local joined the campaign. 

Bablu Gupta, Radhe Khadka, Yadav Lal Karastha, Aasharam, Dipesh and the team is feeding hungry peoples in Khullamanch, Kathmandu since March 8, 2020 to till date. Despite of difficulties due to Covid-19, they are working selflessly to bring smile to poor peoples. This all is possible with funds from open hearted Nepali from Nepal & abroad, support from youth and Bablu Gupta's resolution to serve/help selflessly. Any person willing to help 100's group in their campaign can contact Bablu Gupta through contact detail provided below.

Founder of 100's Group: Bablu Gupta

Biography of Bablu Gupta

Bablu Gupta
Birth Date: April 8 1995
Birth City : Lahan
Profession: Social Worker
: 9861116456

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