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How to Construct Hume Pipe Culvert


Hume pipe culvert is fastest construction technique for cross drainage. Hume pipe are pre-cast cylindrical RCC pipes. Hume pipes of inner diameter 300 mm, 600 mm, 900 mm, 1100 mm are widely available. Standard length of a pipe is 2.5 meter and the thickness of pipe depends upon its inner diameter.

Reference: Amend No 1 of IS 458:2003

How to Install Hume Pipes

  • Excavation of Foundation
    • Foundation of width 1.5 times diameter of hume pipe and depth of 0.35m (soling+PCC)+(outer diameter)+0.6 (fill) and length of 2.5 x nos + catch pit shall be excavated. 
  •  Bed for Hume Pipe - Soling of 0.15 m thickness and 1 m width shall be done followed by 0.2 m PCC M15 grade. RRSM or Brick wall of 0.5 m height, 0.5 W bottom thickness, inner wall of 1:3 slope shall be constructed to the humepipe installation level. The grade of PCC shall be min 1%.
  • Installing Pipes - Place a pipe over the bed with the help of belt hung in excavator or crane. Start from outlet, male side of pipe shall be faced outlet. Align the pipe in center line of bed. Putty of cement shall be applied to the female (spigot) of the pipe.
    • Connecting pipes - Apply putty to the male (joint) of the pipe and place over the bed. Back push during hanging is required to insert hume pipe in a effort. Adjustment shall be done with the help of crowbar. 
    • Collar Band - Collar band of Sand/Cement: 1:1 shall be prepared at every joint. Mixture also shall be applied from inside to seal gap (if present).
  •  Jamming Hume Pipe - Construct sidewall and add 10 cm PCC over bed to jam hume pipe.

  • Backfill - Backfilling can be done after 24 hours of jamming. Min 500 mm of filling shall be done over hume pipe for safe distribution of load over hume pipe.


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