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Asphalt Concrete on Hetauda - Chure Section of TRP, Makwanpur

Asphalt Concrete Works on Hetauda - Chure Section of TRP

Contract Details:

Project Name:  Asphalt Concrete on Hetauda - Chure Section of TRP, Makwanpur
Contract No.: RDHTD/3371653/2076/077-28
Location: Hetauda to Chure (CH 133+500 to 142+120)
Contractor: Rojan / Sakura Power J.V


Asphalt Concrete overlay works from Shivam Cement (Ratomate) to Box Cutting in Chure has been completed. Overlay work in 5 KM section was really challenging. Heavy traffic and unpredictable weather condition made the work tough & worth toil. The road is one & only southern entrance to Hetauda. 
Minor works include premix & semi grouting. Rill formation in the track due to over wheel axle load(higher than design) existed previously. Temporarily problem is sorted out but, sooner or later the problem will re-appears. It is recommended to rehabilitate the road with construction of new base  followed with Dense Bituminous Macadam (DBM) & Asphalt Concrete Overlay. And, use of high Viscosity Grade Bitumen; VG 30 or VG 40 is strongly recommended. 


  • Average width of road is 6.5 m.
  • Hetauda Industrial located 4 KM south of Hetauda Zero Point.
  • Tourist Destination: Churiya Mai Temple


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