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Bio Engineering


Bio-engineering technique is the use of living vegetation or vegetation parts, either alone or in conjunction with civil engineering structures and non living plant materials, to reduce shallow seated instability and erosion on slopes.

Types of Bio Engineering

1. Vegetative Bio Engineering

     - Planting trees and shrubs to control soil erosion.
     - Is not effective until vegetation's are established.
     - Grass plating, tree plantation.

2. True Bio Engineering

    - Complies engineering techniques in vegetative means.
    - Effective since implementation of this bio-technique.
    - Brush layers, wattling, Bamboo fencing etc


3. Technical Bio Engineering

   - Fusion of civil engineering structure and vegetative techniques.
   - Civil engineering structure provides initial protection and followed by vegetation growth.
   - Live crib walls, vegetated gabions, vegetated stone pitching etc.


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