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Make a Curriculum Vitae | Resume

A Curriculum Vitae is not just a document but your identity. A human resource manager should be able to recognize your personality just by over-viewing your CV. It is said “HR doesn’t looks your color but seeks how colorful your resume is.” Thus best CV increases chances of being shortlisted. 

What are the CV content you must have?

  •  CV Cover – Write shortly about yourself and your profession. Try to use professional words, avoid common words.

  • Key Experience – Only highlight the experience that are relevant to the job you are applying for. If you have any other experiences add it to further experience category.

  • Roles and Responsibilities – This is most important section of CV. Even your experience field is exactly same to the hiring position you have no chances to be hired unless your roles and responsibility matches the requirement. Thus, try to explode all the roles you have/had in the CV.

  • Experience Timeline – Classify your experience in timelines basis (Latest to oldest)

  • Short Biography – Name, Date of Birth, Location, Nationality, Language, Email ID, Driving License (if any).

  •  Educational Qualification – Mention your education qualification including institute and year of passing.

  • Skills – List out your technical, non-technical skills. List of software you are proficient at. Example: You can see a company is looking for a candidate who is capable to handle Microsoft Excel. In that case you might be shortlisted on the basis of your skill on the mentioned software.
  • Further Experiences – List out your any other experience (not required for eligibility). This could be plus point for being selected. Example: If a hotel is hiring a security guard,  though you are a security guard but your further experience as cook can assist you in getting job.

  • Attractive Layout – CV shall be well formatted and catchy because people get easily attracted to fancy items. Color shall be light and pleasant.

  • Photograph – Attach your passport size official photograph as your identification.

  • References – Some professional recruitment requires references for confirmation of feedback. If you have any that can be delightful.


Avoid these contents:

·         Unprofessional words

·         Empty space (but don’t fill up with useless content)

·         Un-formatted text (use formal text and size – Times New Roman or Arial)

·         Sentiment (Don’t put your emotion in CV, believe me it doesn’t works)

·         Fabricated Information – Don’t try to put false information. 


Here is a format of CV:


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