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Plum Concrete: Cheapest Construction Method


What is Plum Concrete?

The word plum refers to large stone and concrete refers to the mixture of cement, sand, aggregate. Thus, plum concrete is defined as the construction material in which stone is compiled with concrete in 40/60 proportion, i.e per 1 m3 of work, 0.4 m3 of stone and 0.6 m3 of concrete are required. Generally concrete grade of M15 and stone size 10 - 15 cm are used. Plum Concrete is widely used in Drain construction, Parapet Crash Barrier, Mass concreting works. 

Plum concrete vs PCC

  • Cost - Plum concrete allows use of boulders thus construction work by Plum Concrete is 30% cheaper than that of Plain Cement Concrete.
  • Strength - If good quality boulders are used, strength of plum concrete refers to the grade of concrete used.
  •  Use - Plum Concrete is best for economical drain construction, traffic crash barrier, mass concreting. Plum concrete can't be used in the section smaller than 20 cm. 

Plum Concrete vs Random Rubble Stone Masonry

Plum concrete is cheaper, durable and provide higher strength than that of masonry wall (on cement consumption basis). Wall constructed with plum concrete are fancy looking as well. Only a limitation of plum concrete is requirement of formwork. Masonry wall doesn't require formwork setup. 

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