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IPC - Interim Payment Certificate | How to Prepare Bill

 IPC - Interim Payment Certificate | Bill

IPC or Bill is most common word used in construction management. IPC or Bill refers to a document to be submitted by contracted and must need to be approved by consultant and client in order to draft the payment. Work are quantified in measurement sheet, Bill of Quantity (BOQ) are quantified in IPC. Let me make easier, IPC is conversion of contractors work into money or actual valuation of work. Contractor's Engineer prepares the IPC and is submitted to Client/Consultant. 

What IPC includes?
  • Measurement Sheet
  • Measurement Book
  • Bill of Quantity
  • Escalation Sheet
  • Summary Sheet
  • Cover Page

Other documents required in order to draft an IPC:
  • IPC submission letter
  • Lab reports of constructions
  • Indices published by NRB (for escalation/price adjustment)
  • Photographs
  • VAT Bill 

Format of Measurement Sheet

Format of Summary Sheet


Format of IPC Submission Letter

Here is an example of IPC letter.

Date: 2077/02/29


Client Detail


Subject: Regarding th Running Bill


Ref:  Contract ID……………..

Project Name: ……………………

Dear Sir/Madam,

Despite of Lockdown due to Pandemic Corona Outbreak, we are pleased by your technical supports, co-operation & co-ordination in our work as result all the works including Premix, Semi grouting, Asphalt Overlay works has been complete. Our enthusiasm, skilled manpower, sufficient resources are key to these speedy progress.

As all the work has been accomplished I would request you to draft the coinage as second running bill.

We are aiming to finalize the work within next a week.



With thanks!    

Sincerely Yours  




   (Authorised Representative)

                                                                                                                         Firm Name


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