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How to Claim Extension of Time (EOT) in a Project ?

 Extension of Time In A Project

Cost, Quality & Time are major constrains of a construction project. Increase in cost or extension of delivery date would directly affect the deliverable as client has obligation to fulfill the commitment made with the investors or buyers or user. Thus, project commencement date & end date are highlighted in contract document which legally binds contractor to complete the project in time. Contractor if fails to deliver the project in time is legally penalized through Liquidate Damage or Termination of Contract. 

Depending upon the circumstances client might revert back the penalties but proper documentation and proof of compliance shall be provided. Not limiting to this, client might extend the project delivery date if a good contract manager convince the Client/Consultant with reasonable drafts. 

You are eligible to appeal EOT if you encounter any of these incidence:

  • Insufficient access to Site - If client is unable to provide full access to the construction site, proper documentation of the incident and newspaper cutout to be presented before 6 month of completion date.
  • Civil War / Riots - In case of civil war or national level riots, 50% of the days affected can be claimed. Incident shall be reported within 7 days.
  • Natural Calamities Destructing Previous Construction - In case your construction is destructed by natural calamities, first get your incident accessed by insurer or third party. You are required to submit the damage report to the client with recovery plan. If client wishes to continue the project you might be awarded additional time for completion. Note that, you loss shall be bear by yourself or insurance.
  • Continuous Rainfall or Hurricanes - In case your progress is affected for more than 48 hrs due to rainfall, you are required to submit the Rainfall Precipitation Data (available from Meteorology Department).
  • Long Lead Item Unable to Be Delivered - If the delay in delivery of Long Lead item is due to fault of client or government bodies, with sufficient evidence, you are required to claim for EOT. 

Extension of Time shall be claimed 21 days before project end date. Performance Bond duration shall also be extended while applying for extension. 

Here a format for Extension of Time:

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