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Driving Licence in UAE - Complete Guide

 Driving License in UAE | Student Guide

Driving License issued in United Arab Emirates is considered as world's fifth powerful license. You are allowed to drive in 183 Nation if you have U.A.E driving license. Driving license in UAE is as important as having educational degree. First question every requiter asks to employee is: do you have driving license? Your probability of hired is boosted if you have driving license. Thus, today I have prepared a complete to everyone who are willing to get driving license. 

Driving License School In UAE

Road & Transport authority is the governing body that issues your driving license. Here are some best driving school authorized by RTA:
  • Emirates Driving Institute (EDI)
  • Galadari Driving School
  • Dubai Driving Center
  • Belhasa Driving Center
  • Al Ahli Driving School

Eligibility to Register in RTA:

  • You must have UAE resident visa. If you are in tourist visa, you are ineligible to apply. Anyone with sponsored (Spouse or Family) visa can apply.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Anyone with color blindness is ineligible to apply.
 If you satisfy all the above mentioned criteria, you have to visit any of the driving licence institute located nearby to open a RTA file.

Selection of Best School:

  • These these should be considered while selecting driving school: 
  • Located nearby your work or resident.
  • Compare the fee rates offered by institutes. Visit their websites to find out rates.
  • Compare offers provided by schools. There are offers available for students & certain customers.
  • Select school that provides flexible classes. Check if they provide online login platform for class selection. Least the waiting period, better the school.

Now you have finalized the school, its time to open the file. You have to visit the driving school office to open file. Carry these files while visiting the office:

  • Emirates Identity Card
  • Passport
  • Printed Passport Size Photograph or Digital Copy
  • Student ID Card (if University student studying in UAE - for discount)
  • Registration fee & first installment
  • Home Country Driving Licence (If you have)

After registration, you are requested to have eye test. The medical are available within the institute. If you pass the eye test, your RTA file is opened and you will receive sms & email to confirm your your registration. 

Theory Test

Now, you will provided with online login to prepare for the RTA theory test. Online tutorials are provided to study the content. The course is of 8 hrs, you must complete the class either online or at institute before you can have test. Once on completion of study, you first have to apply for mock test. Mock test is to boost your confident and warm you up before RTA test.
After passing mock test, you can book for RTA Theory Test. You will receive SMS regarding date & time of RTA Theory Test approval. 
Language of examination is as per your request while opening the file. Test on English, Urdu & Arabic Language are available. You must have 35 correct answer out of 40 questions to pass the exam. 

Training Classes

After you successfully pass the RTA theory test, you can book for the training classes. 
  • Day 1 - Simulator Test (On the Simulator Device)
  • Day 2 -Introduction of Vehicle & Parts
  • Day 2 - Introduction to Road & Traffic Rules
  • Day 3 - Road Training 

Your instructor will train you how to drive you on road. You have to complete all the class designated in course manual even though you might gain confident earlier. On completion of road training you have a assessment test to appear. This assessment is conducted by the driving school to check your driving skill before you are recommended for RTA test. An Examiner will give you an instruction & you have to drive as per his instruction. Average duration of assessment is 20 minutes. If the examiner is satisfied with your driving, he/she will mark you pass and now you can book for Yard Training. If examiner finds you ineligible, you are recommended to take 2 or 4 hrs of road training class.

In Yard training you will learn 5 skills:

  • Emergency Brake
  • Angle Parking
  • Garage Parking
  • Parallel Parking
  • Hill/Slope Parking

After 4 hours of yard training, you have a yard assessment test to appear. This assessment is also conducted by the driving school to check your parking skill before you are recommended for RTA Yard  test. You have to pass all the parking steps. If have to take 2 hrs of yard training if you fail on either of the parking skills. Suppose you failed on parallel parking, you are required to attend training of parallel parking only and attend test on only the test you failed.

Once you pass the internal yard assessment, you can book for RTA Yard Test. This exam is held in the premise of the driving school under the supervision of RTA examiner. If you are unable to pass 5 out of  5 tests, you have to book 2 hr of yard training (on the skill you failed only) and re-attend the examination. On passing the yard test now you move to next stage of training.

Highway Training - You are given training how to drive on highway. This is 2 hrs class.
Independent Training - Instructor will train you to drive independently for 2 hrs. This is also a mock test for final RTA road test.

RTA Road Test

On completion all the training, you are now eligible to attend road test. You have to book for RTA test through the RTA portal or the RTA Login system provided in driving school. Select the date & time for the test. You will receive confirmation sms for date & time of test. Present yourself 30 minutes before test at the driving school. Attend the test, Pass the test.... Congratulation!!!
If you are unable to pass the rest, you are required to book 4 hrs of training & re-book the test.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I am in visit visa, can I get UAE driving Licence?
A. No, you must have the resident visa of UAE to apply for driving licence.

Q. What if the total expenses from registration to license approval?
A. It depends upon your packages and numbers of attempt you make before passing. Roughly I can say, If you have a license of your home country with driving history of more than 2 years, it will cost you around 4500 AED. If you are a fresh driver, it will cost you around 8000 AED until you get a driving license.

Q. How long it takes to get driving licence in UAE?
A. It takes 1 months to 3 months depends upon your package.

If you have any queries, raise your question in the comment box below, I will reply you shortly.

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