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Premix vs Asphalt | Difference Between Premix & Asphalt

 During engineering practice I have heard several humors related to blacktop work. 90% of the public and 60% of Civil Engineer are not well aware about types of blacktop works. Many peoples, specially local asked me about the difference between premix and asphalt as both of them locally called as pitch or alkatra. This is how I explained them how Premix and Asphalt are different:

Premix vs Asphalt

 Premix  Asphalt
 Material Used
 Aggregate (13 mm down) - 80% ,Sand (5.4 mm down) - 20%
 Aggregate (20 mm down) - 25 %, Aggregate (13 mm down) - 25 %, Dust - 50 %
 Overlay Thickness
 Normally 2 to 3 cm
 Normally 4 to 5 cm
 Bitumen Content
 Nominal 3.75 %, up to 4.5% at cold climate
 Nominal 5.5%, up to 6%
Suitability  Suitable for hot climate with low traffic
 Suitable for all climate with high traffic
 150 % expensive than premix
 Requires premix mixture
 Asphalt Batching plant is mandatory
 Laying is done manually or with Paver. Tandem roller (min 5 ton ) required for rolling.
 Laying work must be done with Paver Machine. Tandem roller (min 12 ton) and Pneumatic roller is required.



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