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Bio Engineering: Shurbs & Tress Planting

Shurbs & Tress Planting in Bio Engineering

To reinforce and anchor the slope in long run.
Any steep, rocky or unstable sites. Direct sowing (up to about 60°) and Broadcasting seeds ( up to 45°)

  • Suitable for slope 30 to 45 degree.
  • Complies combination of tree & shrubs. 

  • Prepare the site well in advance of planting
  • Dig pits of size 300 mm deep and 300 mm in diameter
  • Carefully remove the polypot by slicing it down the side with a razor blade
  • Plant the seedling in the pit, filling the soil carefully around.
  • If available, mix a few handfuls of well-rotted compost and water
  • Remove any weeds around the plant

  • Takes almost 5 year to contribute in Bio Engineering
  • Need great care against cattle and other factors for 2 years. 
 Example: Bakailo, Areri, Gobre Salla, etc. 

Shurbs & Tree Seeding

"Suitable for any steep, rocky and unstable slope where grass plantation is difficult and seedling can't be planted."

  • Reinforce & anchor to site

  • 250 mm spacing between seeds
  • Seeding holes shall be just enough to inject/hold seed in it.
  • Seeds can be either directly sprayed (broadcast method) or   manually injected and covered with soil (direct seeding method).

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