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Tendering Process in Construction Contract Management | Pre Qualification Documents


In construction, tender is a document submitted by a contractor in response to the bidding invitation from the client. Tender generally have three main scope: Supply of Goods, Deliver of Service and Construct the work.

Based on Process, tender are classified into three categories:

1.      Open Tender

  • Applicable for supply of goods and service.
  • Anyone can participate in the tender who are eligible to bid.
  • Bidding document purchase might be required.
  • Also known as quotation bidding, vendor/supplier/contractor shall submit their rates and first party select the lowest bidder.
  • Bidding notice published in National Newspaper or Publishers.


2.      Selective Tender

  • Limited second party can only participate in the tendering process.
  • Client sends invitation to sort listed party to participate in bidding.
  • Tendering process conducted in confidencial environment.
  • Bidding awarded not only from financial aspect, technical aspect also plays major role.


3.      Negotiated Tender

  • Negotiation with previously tied up supplier or party.
  • Generally held during renewal of contract or initiation of contract.


Tender Pre Qualification Documents

Pre-qualification documents help client or tendering consultant to sort out the vendors/supplier or contractors that fulfill the minimum criteria to bid. 

Here is a list of pre-qualification documents: 

  • Company Registration & Renewal 
  • Annual Turn Over (Since Last 5 Years 
  • Tax Clearance 
  • Organization Structure 
  • Company Work Experience Certificate 
  • Work Sector 
  • Located Geography 
  • Operational Process 
  • Current Projects 
  • Financial Status 
  • Senior Management 
  • Previous Penalties/Black Listed History 
  • Many More... 

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