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How To Download Torrent File Faster

 Download Torrent File Faster

BitTorrent is world's popular platform for sharing files. uTorrent is most popular client software of BitTorrent. In another word, uTorrent is download and upload manager for torrent. Anyone (except China, they use Xunlei) can access uplink or downlink of files to BitTorrent via uTorrent, BitComet and Vuze. However, user experience slower download speed through uTorrent. A reason behind slow download speed is numerous Seeds and Leaches. User assumes file with high leaches and seeds are authentic, as result file links to high traffic. Kubernetes developed a cluster through which files at torrent cloud (however its virtual location) could be accessed and downloaded faster. The platform is Webtor.

Webtor is open source software developed with "Go" programming language at its backend and Jue Javascript at frontend. Webtor provide instant access to file without download. Through Webtor, user access anacrolix/torrent which provide ability to preview and access file at a time. Webtor developed unique technique to store torrent files temporarily in their server. As you provide request to the file through magnet link, Webtor make instant access to the file and keep in their holding area. Thus user no longer require BitTorrent's feeds to access file. No doubt, downloading file from Webtor's server is 10 times faster than that of torrent remote access. Webtor store the file for 5 min until file is accessed or downloaded. User have to make re-request if to access 5 min later. It also generate FFmpeg format for video files which allows user to watch video without downloading.

[Note: Downloading and uploading file via Torrent is illegal and subjected to penalty]

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