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Factor Affecting Selection of Equipments in Construction


Selection of equipment depend upon these factors:

  • Purpose of Equipment 

Requirement and specification of equipment depends upon what kind of work is to be done. Work are generally classified below:

§  Excavation – Excavator, Backhoe

§  Lifting – Crane, Forklift

§  Transporting – Tipper, Dumper, Trucks, Pickup

§  Laying – Grader, Chipister, Paver

§  Compactor – Tandem Roller, Pneumatic Roller, Sheep foot roller

§  Concreting – RMC, Car Mix

  •  Availability of equipment in organization

It is preferred to use the equipment available in a company rather than to hire or buy.

  •  Size of Equipment vs available free space

Equipment of very large size won’t be preferred if the working location is congested. 

  • Availability of Spares Part
  •  Availability of equipment
  • Return on Investment

Investment in inappropriate equipment might lead to loss. Thus, only after being insured of return of investment, selection shall be done. Purchasing shall posses ROI of 5-8 years.

  • Organization field of expertise

Invest on only those equipment to perform the task your company is expertise on.

  •  Availability of Manpower

Make comparison on manpower availability and difference in cost.

  •  Climatic condition and suitability

Caterpillar locomotive equipment are required in snowy and damped area where as pneumatic are suitable for dry region. 


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