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Tips for Students in Dubai | Dubai Guide

If you are planning for academic journey to Dubai, this article is to guide you in the path. 

Choosing Subject

People generally question, which subject has scope in Dubai? 

My answer to them is what is your field of interest? 

So not only in Dubai but in overall the globe every subject has scope. It just matter how good you are in your field. So, don't choose the subject which you are not comfort with. Go with which you can give your best. But I could give you a hint, Tourism, Electromotive & AI are blooming industries in Dubai. Agriculture & Forest are emerging field in UAE. 


Choosing College

Which is the best college in Dubai?

I would like to ask, best from which perspective, Cost, Quality, Placement?

I have already mentioned in my previous article, colleges in Dubai are expensive. Medical & Education are super expensive sector of UAE. A guy from common family can't afford education in Dubai. I strongly suggest not to plan Dubai for study if you don't have economically supportive family. Initial processing fee of colleges is low. Paying just 6 lakhs you can land at Dubai but meanwhile you might be trouble. 

There is a saying "Cut Your Coat According To Your Cloth." So while choosing a college most important checkpoint are: Your Subject & Your Cash. You can find college according to your fund.


Resident / Room / Bed Space

Dubai is tourist city thus you can't imagine how expensive are the residents. Your colleges provides hotel facilities but they are quite expensive. 

Where to live?

I recommend to live in studio rather than bed space. Though the bed space are cheaper but you can't have privacy. As a student you require peaceful environment for study. Bed space lags this feature. If you have a company of friends you can share bed in studio apartment. I strongly suggest you for studio apartment.


Groceries are cheaply available in UAE but the restaurant are not. A studio or bed/space is equipped with kitchen appliances. Thus you can prepare your food at your own to cut off the hotel bills. You can purchase pre-cooked chapathi/roti from super market in case of hurry. 

Internet / Mobile 

Internet and calling in UAE are super expensive. A basic plan costs you 50 AED per month. There is restriction on use of VOIP in UAE. So as mean of communication you have to highly rely upon limited apps such as BOTIM. However, you also should buy a separate plan for BOTIM. Use of VPN is illigal but is often used for communication. If you have addiction watching adult content, be aware watching adult content is strictly prohibited in UAE, if found guilty you will end up in jail.



Public transportation: Bus and Car owned by RTA are common mean of transportation. To use bus, you should have purchased a Nol card. Each time you travel, amount from your Nol card is debited. You can buy Nol card at Metro or Bus station. There are hundreds of recharge booth to recharge your Nol card. 

Job Haunt 

Finding job and getting enrolled has been difficult in Dubai. There are thousands of unemployed people seeking for jobs. 

Won't I get job then? 

Getting job in UAE requires two things:

  • Reference
  • Experience

If you are Gulf experience you can seek for job in relevant field via Indeed, LinkedIn, Naukrigulf, Skill Bee. But, Fresher requires reference to get peculiar job. There are hundreds of fraud agents who can snap your cash to assure job, never fall to temptation. 

Driving License

A common question requiters ask in Dubai is, "Do you have UAE driving license?" 

If you have UAE driving license, probability of getting hired is maximum, note it Maximum.

But, getting driving license in UAE is a tough job. A good driver in Nepal mightn't be able to get UAE license in several attempts. As here in UAE driving lane is RIGHT. If you have Nepali driving license, that could be useful to bypass some theoretical classes but not so beneficial. From beginning to end, the license process takes around 7000-10000 AED (Min 2.5 Lakhs). 

If you have enough cash, proceeding to driving license is recommended. But don't be in hustle, you require emirate id to proceed for license.

Visa & Emirate ID 

Initially you will enter UAE with Student Visa permit. Once your document is verified by your college, you will have appointment for medical test & visa. It takes around 25 days for your passport to be stamped with Student Visa with validity of one year. In order to receive Emirate ID, you should have appointment taken. The bio-metric test would be held and Emirate ID will be mailed you via post office. Don't worry, your college will guide you entire during this process. 

If a student succeed in getting permanent job, he/she can change the visa category to Work Visa. If he/she is unable to get a job till the validity of the visa, the college will proceed to renew the student visa.

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