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Simbhanjyang: Tourist Destination, Makwanpur

Situated in Mid-North of Nepal, lies a panoramic destination: Simbhanjyang. My thrust regarding reason behind place named Simbhanjyang is quenched with questionnaire with a local personnel Raimajhai Dai:
     - Sim refers to Dampness & flat place located at height or peak of hill is called Bhanjyang. Simbhanjhyang is the highest peak of Makwanpur District with RL 2488 m (from sea level). Special feature of this place is, average temperature is 10 Degree Celsius. Weather of the place is unpredictable; changes frequently between foggy, sunny, light drizzle. Thus, dampness (Sim / सिम-सिम) always exist. And a pond (Rami Dam), located  100 m north is watered from Seepage draining out of the hill. Thus, Simbhanjyang is flat cliff with seepy hill.

Simbhanjyang is 80 KM from South West from Kathmandu & 53 KM from Hetauda. The Beautiful place can be reached with 3 hours ride from Kathmandu (Kathmandu - Naubise - Palung - Daman - Simbhanjyang or Kathmandu - Kulekhani - Chitlang - Palung - Simbhanjyang) and 2 hours ride from Hetauda (Hetauda - Bhaise - Lamidada - Agor - Simbhanjyang).

Every traveler/passenger traveling via Tribhuwan Rajmarga stopby this place and enjoy the cool and fresh environment. The place is also famous for Selroti, as traveler can't wait to satisfy their hunger with Selroti & Tarkari. 

Situated  2488 m from sea level, Simbhanjyang is gifted with snow fall during winter season. The cliff is beautifully covered with snow during end of Falung and beginning of Chaitra. Many tourist are disappointed as snow melts earlier than their arrival. You can follow the ThahaKhabar or local news of Thaha Municipality for information regarding snowfall. A clue: if its raining somewhere else in Makwanpur at end of falgun, obviously its snowing at Simbhanjyang.

Here are list of restaurant, hotels & lodges located in Simbhanjyang:
  • Hotel Heaven & Lodge
  • Himshikhar Hotel & Lodge (Recommended)
  • Subit Hotel
  • Surya Hotel
  • Eichhapurna Hotel & Lodge
  • Height Top Lodge
  • Hotel White Dove
  • Aananda Dai Ko Hotel
However, most of the tourist spend their night at Daman; situated 4 KM north from Simbhanjyang.
(Follow my next post : Daman for more information)

 There are more places to stopby near Simbhanjyang.
  • Riseswor Mandir : Situated 2 km north from Simbhanjyang, lies a temples and monastery. A public believe exists, married couple visiting Riseswor Temple is blessed with Son.  >>> (Follow my Post: Risesor Mandir for more information)
  • Daman: Situated4 km north from Simbhanjyang, lies a small market and hotels zone. Many travelers and tourist stop by this place and spend a night. You can enjoy the panoramic view of Mountain range including Mt. Everest from Daman View Tower. Daman is safe & beautiful and cool place for Couples, Colleagues to spend night.  >>>  (Follow my post: Daman for more information)
  • Rami Pond: Just 100 m north, small and frozen (during winter) pond is situated. 
  • Dandu Bhanjyang: 2 KM south downward from Simbhanjyang, a place you can enjoy the view of gigantic cloud and sunset.
  • Agor Bazar
  • Palung Bazar, Thaha Municipality

Picture: Simbjhanjyang Bazar

Picture: Simbhanjyang Hill

Picture: Simbhanjyang Bazar and Road Toward Palung

Picture: Rami Pond, Simbhanjyang

Picture: Police Check Post, Simbhanjyang

Picture: Radio Nepal & NTC Repeater Tower

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