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Bio Engineering: Grass Seeding & Turfing

Grass Seeding & Turfing in Bio Engineering

Grass Seeding:

  • Prepare the site well in advance
  • Immediately before sowing, scarify the surface of the slope
  • Start sowing from the top of the slope and work downwards. ( @ 25 gm/m2)          
  • Cover the seeds completely with a layer of mulch
  • Wide mesh jute netting (150 mm × 500 mm mesh size) should be used to hold mulch on to the surface
  • if the slope is greater than 30°


  •  Put in gentle embankment slopes to armour
  • Gentle slope less than 30°, well-drained materials, with minimal risk of slumping Materials

Materials Required: 
  • Flat shovel, khukuri to cut the turf to shape, water, wooden rammer (mungro), wooden pegs.
Working Method:
  • Mark out with lines the size and shape to be cut (300 × 600 mm);
  • Cut the sides of the shapes with a khukuri, to at least 50-mm depth;
  • Using a broad, flat shovel to cut horizontally under the shapes and lift them out.
  • Prepare site well in advance
  • Scarify the surface and place turf.
  • If the slope is steeper than about 25°, wooden pegs should be hammered
  • Once the slope has been satisfactorily covered, compact the turf with the wooden rammer.
  • Finally, water the fresh turf thoroughly.

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